e·Curve: Forward Curve Engine

e·Curve is our Forward Curve Development application for power, gas, fuels and other
commodities. It enables users to generate just in time forward curves based on the
latest market prices. We at e·Opt have spent considerable time and resources on
developing a product that is able to capture as many market factors as possible and
reflect the market dynamics accurately. The model self calibrates to account for any
significant change in the market behaviour.

Some of the key features of e·Curve include:

arrow Complete flexibility in defining the extent and level of historic data to be considered. Historic Prices can be biased in exponentially, equally or in user defined terms.
arrow Normalization for Price Spikes, Pits, Holidays and Quasi Holidays. Auto identification and processing of standard and transient price movements.
arrow Fast computation, for near real-time generation of curves thereby enabling quick reaction to market opportunities.
arrow Every curve generated is tagged with a Unique ID that links it to the context under which the curve was built - user, market, prices, type, date/time etc. The entire process trail can be audited.
arrow Curve Granularity from month down to 15 minutes
arrow Price Envelope generation based on short and long term price volatility.
arrow Service based architecture enabling unattended runs.


e·Curve can be directly integrated with pricing systems like our e·Price, allowing Traders and Portfolio Managers to send out price proposals almost in "real time", with the confidence that these would always be based on the latest market prices.

The application is completely secure against manipulation of model parameters, via a robust security framework provided by PriceHub. However, contrary to conventional Black-box applications, e·Curve offers complete freedom to authorized users to calibrate the fundamental model parameters under a strict auditable 4-eye validation principle.