e·Opt Solutions: Our Raison d'être

e·Opt was set up in late 2008, by a small group of energy industry professionals who had spent
several years at the forefront of energy and technology. Based in Mannheim, Germany, e·Opt is
a closely held company, that operates exclusively in the energy space.

We bring with us what is fairly rare in a technology company - a deep understanding of the business,
and an ability to identify and develop first principle solutions to fundamental everyday challenges.
We have honed our skills in the energy business, for over twenty years each, and believe that with
our offerings, we have been able to formulate the optimal blend of business and technology.

We at e·Opt make great efforts at keeping ourselves abreast with the changes in the market, and take
pride in maintaining a high level of competence within our team. Our people are highly skilled
and motivated to make a difference. In midst of our hectic professional pursuits, we do not lose sight
of our social obligations. e·Opt actively supports charities involved in child education across the world.

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